Founded in Hannover Germany on October 8th 1871, Continental can look back on a long history of success. We have been around for 140 years so if you have a question, we have the answer. The Passenger and Light Truck division of Continental is committed to providing all Australian vehicles with premium quality tyres guaranteeing the necessary road grip and widest possible margin of safety.

The strength of Continental lies in its German heritage as a premium tyre manufacturer, and more recently in our comprehensive divisions. The combination of these attributes make Continental a leading technology supplier to the automotive industry. No other tyre manufacturer has the benefit of this level of expertise in-house, which is one of the many reasons why Continental is the best choice for all cars.

Continental...the No.1 Tyre in Europe.

1 in every 3 cars produced in Europe are fitted with Continental tyres, making us the number one original equipment supplier. However, our expertise goes well beyond the confines of Europe, as we continue to be a strongly recognised OE partner globally.

For Continental, this eminent position and the trust shown in its tyres by vehicle manufacturers worldwide, is validation of the quality of Continental products. If the world's top car manufacturers are willing to place their trust in Continental, so too can you and your customers!