Excellence since 1871

140 Years of Continental... A Brief History.

The strength of Continental lies in its German heritage as a premium tyre manufacturer, and more recently in our comprehensive divisions. The combination of these attributes make Continental a leading technology supplier to the automotive industry. No other tyre manufacturer has the benefit of this level of expertise in-house, which is one of the many reasons why Continental is the best choice for all cars.

October 8th, 1871

Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie is founded in Hannover as a joint stock company. Manufacturing at the main factory in Vahrenwalder Street includes soft rubber products, rubberised fabrics, solid tyres for carriages and bicycles.


The rampant horse is adopted as the Continental Tyres trademark.


Production of automobile pneumatic tyres without tread pattern starts in Hannover-Vahrenwald.


The first Daimler-produced car to be called Mercedes achieves a sensational victory on Continental pneumatics in the Nice-Salon-Nice car race.


Continental produces riveted anti-skid tyres, a forerunner of steel-studded tyres.


Specimens of synthetic rubber developed at Bayer are successfully vulcanized at Continental and made into the first test tyres.


The first giant pneumatic tyres are made by Continental and replace the solid tyres used until that time on commercial vehicles.


Carbon black is used as a reinforcing filter to give the tyre more resistance to wear and ageing, as well as its characteristic colour.


Synthetic rubber is introduced into into the tyre manufacturing process.


Continental markets a rubber-metal bonding under the registered trade name of Continental Schwingmetall. It is used to isolate vibrations and noise when supporting motors.


Patent application filed for tubeless tyres.


Production of steel cable conveyor belt starts.


Continental adds M+S tyres for winter driving to its range of conventional tyres.


At the beginning of the year Continental is the first German company to start manufacturing tubeless tyres.


Mass production of radial tyres begins.


Continental launches the studless ContiContact winter tyre.

1993 - 1994

Introduction of the 1st generation of Silica technology in factories.


Continental acquires Siemens VDO Automotive AG and advances to among the top five suppliers in the automotive industry worldwide.


Continental expands its position in the tyre industry with the opening of their tyre plant in the Chinese city of Hefei in Anhui province.


Continental Tyres Australia opens its first Continental store in Wanneroo, Western Australia.