Australian Debut of New Continental Tyres at Brisbane Truck Show


Continental Tyres of Australia will debut a new product line at this month's Brisbane Truck Show, along with other core products from its extensive range of commercial vehicle tyres.

The all-new HYBRID range featuring leading edge technologies from Continental is sure to change commercial travel on Australian roads.

Both the HYBRID steer and drive tyres from Continental offer excellent retreadability thanks to their advanced bead construction, reinforced sidewalls and specially developed belt packages, which combine to significantly improve durability.

The HS HYBRID steer life expectancy and fuel economy have been maximised, due to its combination of optimised tread geometry, a new belt package and compounds.

Its tyre pattern consists of wide shoulder ribs and narrow grooves, which results in even wear under changing load conditions on all axels and the special groove design avoids stone trapping.

Wet traction is also maximised as a result of the new siping technology, which provides numerous grip edges and breaks the water film, creating a superior connection to the road.

Also offering additional advanced technologies, the all-new HD HYBRID drive tyre covers all common usage conditions for heavy trucks, as a result of its unique combination of tread grooves and blocks.

Its three-dimensional tread structure is based on a unique design concept with constant tread pattern proportions, ensuring low rolling resistance and wear rates.

This also then delivers low fuel consumption and superior mileage simultaneously, resulting in delivering low overall driving costs.

Continental carries out sustained and rigorous R&D testing programs for its commercial tyre division all around the world including here in Australia, to ensure the correct product for the correct customer application is developed.

"The Commercial Vehicle Tyre division has the goal of ensuring economic mobility in goods transport, passenger transit and construction-site vehicles by offering tyres for a wide spectrum of applications and service conditions," said Mitchell Golledge, Marketing Manager, Continental Tyres of Australia.

The Brisbane Truck Show will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 16-19 May, 2013. Continental Tyres of Australia is located at stand 119.