Is axle-wise tyre replacement the most cost effective method?

When replacement tyres are needed, it is preferable to change all 4 tyres at the same time to achieve the best performance potential from the tyres. This is also the recommendation of many notable vehicle manufacturers.

Wheel Rotation

Continental recommends to rotate the wheels axle-wise at regular intervals. For example when changing from summer tyres to winter tyres or at mileage intervals of between 5000 km and 10000km.

Continental Wheel Rotation

Advantages of wheel rotation

Reduces uneven tyre wear and therefore prolongs tyre life.

Optimal performance characteristics throughout the life of the tyre.

Best possible safety as a result of equally, evenly worn tyres.

Replacement of 2 tyres

If the tread depths of the tyres mounted on one axle are sufficient, it is reasonable to change only 2 tyres due to cost reasons. The question is then, on which axle position should the new tyres be mounted?

Continental recommends mounting the new tyres on the rear axle* as this helps to increase driving stability in borderline situations like cornering on wet and/or slippery roads.

Replacing 2 Continental Tyres

* If in doubt, refer to the relevant vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations

Service Tip

In order to achieve optimal driving characteristics, the same tread pattern design should be fitted on all wheel positions.